Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An old future dream (2)

7:58 PM, 5/27/2006…. Went for the walk and got a Sony catalog on the way .... went to the Ghandi Park nearby to read it…. Found the needed tool and filled it in the # 1 of this 'serial' (Speaking of ‘the needed tools’, let’s see what this advertise for Mac has for me! (BOLD type is from the ad.)

Free yourself from the confines of a desk with the wireless technology in MacBook Pro.
Yes, this is my main objective to ‘free myself’, so I can sit near the tomb, in the dining hall, at the Baba’s Cabin, at the Rahuri Cabin, etc…. to write and broadcast goodies for many! No worry about the frequesnt Arangaon power-cuts, or the working hours of the coffee-nets, while on the road.

Collaborate with colleagues around the world from across the room using a Bluetooth headset and iChat AV over wireless Internet.
What a wonderful experience to invite other Baba-lovers 'virtually' on the Hill and exchange information and loving feelings.

Make last-minute changes to a presentation by sharing files over Bluetooth.
Baba’s books in Persian can be edited faster this way.

MacBook Pro makes it easy to take your show on the road. Yes, Hit the Road Jack, BUT come back HOME to Meherabad, for sure!Internet, unplugged AirPort Extreme gives you blazing connectivity speeds up to 54 megabits per second (1) using the 802.11g standard. This turbocharged technology lets you connect to the Internet without wires, additional phone lines, or complicated networking hardware. Use AirPort Extreme to get online wirelessly (2) at hundreds of Starbucks coffee shops or Borders book stores from coast to coast via T-Mobile. What a blessing! this is just the write tool, plus that it can support Persian texting and it can be a productive means to translate many of Baba's and the mandalis VCDs/DVDs into Farsi. (by the way, i have asked the sister in charge to copy a complete series of their collection for my expanding Baba's library (14 of them!) So now the only question is HOW to get these tools?!

A friends from Iran suggested that I shall accept contributions from those who are willing to help make this ‘dream’ come true. May be this is the way. I will do ANY thing, WITHIN HIS LIMITS/according to His wish, in my 'new life with Baba', to obey Him and pay my due to His cause of Love and Service. Begging is the least I can go for!

I am sure those who can see this as a ‘service’, will join hands to make it happen. But how to go about ‘begging’? Mail to mail? (door to door?) Or a mass mail? Or…? ANY idea or tip will be appreciated. Getting late, and since I do not to eat outside, I better go ‘home’ (Meher Prasad) and eat my own rice-rajma mixture!

Will write/type more later….. tomorrow is Sunday and the LAW of the day is ABSOLUTE POTENTIALITY. Wish I can use this law to try my potentiality of expressing my ‘need’, as a ‘child’! Today the Law is the good old LAW OF DHARMA = why we have come to this life?/what is our 'role' in this Play of Leela? I feel I have come to make others more happy and more aware of their TRUE nature. This is in line with the response I get from my readership and friends and this is my best reward. Please if you read this blog, give me your own feelings and share your ideas and suggestions/criticism….. in His loving Grace, yours in this FIRE…………Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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